Insta-Cert/Nordic Poly Mark

Products that are marked with the Nordic Poly Mark follow a certification scheme which has been established by Insta-Cert.

The organisation which certificates plastic pipes in the Nordic region, Insta-Cert, consists of the following certification bodies:

  • Dancert A/S, Denmark
  • SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden , Sweden
  • SFS-Inspecta, Finland
  • Norner, Norway

For each product designated with the Nordic Poly Mark, the requirements and testing frequency are specified in a special document called INSTA SBC (Special Provisions for Certification) + a number (the product standard number), e.g. INSTA SBC 12201 for PE pressure pipes for water supply.

All these documents are available at  www.insta-cert.net

The supplementary requirements for the product standard are described in the SBCs. Most product standards are currently EN standards. An EN product standard is a common standard for all EU/EEA members and is therefore very much a compromise between former national standards. The supplementary requirements in the SBCs from INSTA-Cert are intended to raise the quality level of the EN standards up to the familiar Nordic level.

For example, the supplementary requirements describe details concerning a type test or specify stricter requirements for the products than the EN standards. One example is that tests are conducted at lower temperatures to ensure that the impact resistance is suitable for our climate in the Nordic region. Another example is stricter requirements for the tightness of joints than those under the EN standards.

An SBC can also have a limited range of dimensions and pipe classes for some products. For example, for waste pipes for interior use, pipes of minimum thickness have been taken out to ensure that the certification scheme gives a safe and functional installation.

The certification process

In order to have a product certified and designated with the Nordic Poly Mark by Insta-Cert, a type test must be carried out through an independent accredited test body (e.g. DTI, SP or other). The test body issues a type test report, which states that the product fulfils the requirements in the product standard and the SBC.

The type test report and a copy of the agreement between the manufacturer and the accredited test body is sent to Insta-Cert, which then sends a certificate, which gives the manufacturer the right to mark the product with the Nordic Poly Mark.

The manufacturer conducts ongoing internal controls which are monitored by the test body, which carries out regular inspections. Random samples are also taken from the manufacturer´s stocks in order to verify the documentation of internal controls and to verify that the test requirements have been met. If the test body has reservations, Insta-Cert will consider action against the manufacturer, which in the worst case scenario could result in the right to use the quality mark being withdrawn.

Ongoing testing and inspection