Products with the Nordic Poly Mark

The following products are certified by Insta-Cert and marked with the Nordic Poly Mark.
By clicking on the product groups and product requirements, you can obtain more information on the manufacturers which have Nordic Poly Mark-marked products and the SBC´s that form the basis for the certification.

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NPG-PS 107→ PP fittings with outside seals and systemDocuments
EN 14758 → Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage PP-MDDocuments
NPG-PS 102Plastics piping systems for soil and waste discharge, PP-MDDocuments
EN 1852Solid wall, PPDocuments
EN 1451Soil and waste, PPDocuments
NPG-PS 117Halogenfree conduits made from PP Documents
EN 1329Soil and waste, PVCDocuments
EN 1401Solid wall sewage, PVCDocuments
EN 1452Water pressure, PVCDocuments
NPG-PS 115Road gullies and sand trap gulliesDocuments
EN 13598-2Ancillary fittings including shallow inspection chambersDocuments
EN 13598-1Ancillary fittings including shallow inspection chambersDocuments
NPG-PS 116 PP and PE double-wall pipes Documents
ISO 21003Multilayer piping systems for hot and cold waterDocuments
EN 1254-3Copper and copper alloys, Compression endsDocuments
EN 1555PE plastic pipes for gaseous fuelsDocuments
EN 15875 PE-X systems for hot and cold water installation Documents
EN 11298-3Plastics piping systems for renovation of underground water Documents
EN 12201Water pressure, PEDocuments
EN 22391Plastic piping for hot and cold water installations, (PE-RT)Documents
EN 13476Structured wall Sewage PVC, PP, PEDocuments

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